High School Counseling



The Counseling department works with students, parents, teachers, administrators, community members and other professionals, to provide service and support in the following areas:

   System support: Includes program and staff support activities and services.

The areas addressed are:

  • Administrator/Teacher consultation regarding school policy, programs, staff and /or students

  • Testing: admission, standardized, vocational and psychological exams

  • Guidance program development

  • Scheduling

  • School improvement planning

  • Staff development for educators

  • Coordinating referrals – public relations

  • Maintain/complete educational reports/records, and elaborate official transcripts

  • Publishing and research


Individual Planning: Assists students in monitoring and understanding their own development.

The areas addressed are:


  • Acquisition of study skills

  • Awareness of educational opportunities

  • Appropriate course selection and graduation requirements

  • Understanding and utilization of test scores


  • Awareness of career and scholarship opportunities

  • Exploring interests, abilities and needs for the future

  • Knowledge of positive habits and skills related to different careers


  • Development of healthy self image and concepts

  • Development of adaptative and adjustive social behaviour


Responsive Services: Are preventative and/or interventive in students’ immediate and future needs, such as:

  • Academic concerns

  • School related concerns

  • Relationship concerns

  • Family and personal issues