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Located in the state of Coahuila, in the north of Mexico, Torreon is a city with around 100 years of history. It is a young, contemporary, and booming city with a modern infrastructure. There is commercial and industrial activity and a good system of public facilities, however, Torreon still maintains the relaxed pace of a small, peaceful city.  

Whether for business or leisure, Torreon is well worth visiting. It is a well-planned, clean and appealing city, with tourist attractions for all tastes, including malls, nightclubs, cafes, bars, delicious food, and their most important asset, the people; they are extremely friendly, courteous and hospitable.  

This region of Coahuila is significant for its economic, agricultural and industrial strength. In the heart of the region is Torreón, a youthful city that has an excellent infrastructure for business travelers, as well as museums and buildings whose distinctive and varied architectural styles reflect the diverse ethnic heritage that inspired them. One of the city’s most distinctive buildings is the large fortified tower, or “torreón”, which has become the city’s regional symbol.

The municipalities of the Laguna Region are surrounded by the Coahuila Desert, and adventure enthusiasts can enjoy many natural attractions like the Jimulco Sierra, the Bilbao Dunes, the Acatita Dunes and the enigmatic Zone of Silence, among other locations that are no less astonishing.  

Come to this region and spend some time among one of its greatest resources: its people! Torreón is a young, dynamic, progressive city which is centrally located in the “Comarca Lagunera”, one of the most important regions in the country. Because of its geographic location, this area excels in agriculture, has a rapidly growing industry, and an impressive trade growth. Presently, the dairy sector is the pillar of the regional economy and has made Laguna the most important dairy region in Mexico. The city has a thriving multi-ethnic community of French, Arab, Spanish, German, Chinese, Lebanese and American heritage, reflecting the different periods of settlement in its early days. Torreón is a modern and beautiful city with many parks, wide streets and avenues, and wide sidewalks for pedestrian traffic. Torreón has a modern communications network that supports satellite, cable, high-speed internet and several cellular air networks. The Matamoros-Mazatlan and Mexico City-Juarez highways pass through here, as well as the four lane Torreón-Saltillo highway. Torreón is also linked to the national rail network, and is home to the Francisco Sarabia International Airport, which has frequent flights to Mexico’s major cities, Central America, and the United States.


To fully experience Torreón, its history, and its people, there are a number of must sees:
This architectural masterpiece is built around the figure of Christ the King , which stands 20.80 meters high and its the second highest statue of Christ in Latin America. The figure stands at the peak of Noas Hill, from which it receives its name, with its feet extending along the horizon of the city. In the shelter of the statue is a monumental religious complex of chapels which are replicas of several found in the Holy Land, Jerusalem.
Perched on a hilltop, this stone house was built between 1901 and 1904 and has 17 rooms filled with objects that reflect the history of Torreón, as well as personal articles that belonged to the house’s original owner, the engineer Federico Wolf. In addition to the exhibition rooms, the museum has an outdoor theater where visitors can enjoy a variety of cultural events.
The famous steam locomotive “1140”, freight cars and passenger coaches that used to carry Laguna Region travelers and merchandise are exhibited in this museum.
Visitors to this park will find an enormous fountain crowned by a statue that is a replica of Michelangelo’s “Thinker”. It is no wonder that people in the region have always known it as the Thinker’s Fountain. The Municipal Public Library is also located in the park.
Framed by beautiful, historic buildings that harmonize with the modern face of the city, this square has a lovely bandstand in the shape of the symbol of the city, a fortified tower. In Torreón, every evening offers an unforgettable experience, with a unique blend of entertainment in a number of restaurants and club. The people here enjoy life to the fullest, with diversity of activities and attractions: from professional soccer and baseball, to bullfigths, bowling, golf and tennis; as well as the great cultural life. All those thing mentioned about Torreón, make this city atractive for people who visit us, that is why we invite you to come to this city and eden in the Lagooner Desert, where you will find nice people, kindness, brotherhood and hospitality, because is very important to us your staying in la Laguna.